Start: 10.4.2006

Welcome to my first post.  I suppose I should introduce myself…  I am N. Gifford, a 26-year-old Mechanical Engineer living somewhere in Canadian suburbia.  I am currently working in the defense industry, largely due to socio-economic factors as the primary employer of engineers in my city makes defense products.  I assure you my interests lie elsewhere, and that is where this blog comes in.

 I intend the blog to be an exploration of life, mostly the financial side of life.  My current struggle is to budget my household expenses, and learn how to generate more income from savings and my rental properties.  I hope this site will be a good resource for financial information, especially relating to real estate dealings because I currently cannot find any real estate blogs.

 Naturally, I am a geek, so I will probably post some interesting links found during my daily web surfing…  and hopefully I can find out how to host this site myself… that should be interesting.

Next, I will post a bit about my financial situation, and my rental properties.  I will also include some links of the websites I watch.


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