Benefits of Education

At the risk of sounding 85… you can underestimate the value of a good education…. there, I said it, ok?

Seriously, I wrote a comment on Pam Slim’s Escape from Cubicle Nation blog today that got me thinking.  Here’s an excerpt of my post.

I would definitely recommend staying in school. It is good to have different experiences in life, and school is one thing that is much easier to experience at a young age. Right now, you have few responsibilities, and few expenses, so you can afford to study full-time. In 5-10 years you may have children or other obligations that will make returning to school very difficult.

I myself just finished a Masters degree in engineering and am working for a multinational defense firm. Looking at the organizational announcements reaffirms why I spent seven years at University. The people being promoted to top positions in my company all have some type of graduate degree.

That’s not to say a graduate degree is necessary for success, but any type of degree certainly accelerates your success. I’m 26, and work alongside people twice my age who are doing similar jobs. I’d much rather be in my position.

Furthermore, having a degree (and I highly recommend professional degrees, as its easy to find jobs in engineering, law, medicine, nursing, teaching, etc.) gives you something to fall back on in case one of your ventures fails, or you just decide you need a change of pace.

What do you think about the value of a good education?


2 thoughts on “Benefits of Education

  1. Definately agree. I am 35, decided to get a graduate degree and am just 7 months into completing it. It makes me more confident, and I know I would be taken more seriously as a consultant.

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