Software: SolveIT!

SolveIT! by Pine Grove Software is a full-featured financial calculator in a compact executable. It costs $69.95, and a lightweight version called Loan Calculator Plus! is available for free.

Financial – loan calculators, NPV, IRR, compound interest, ROI
General Business – budgets, gross profit, net worth, bond values and yields
Financial Advisors – break-even analyiss, lease vs. buy, refinance savings
Depreciation – declining balance, straight-line, etc.
Loans and Debt – Accelerated payment savings, maximum affordable house price, balloon payments, etc.
Financial Schedules – Amortization, annuities, rental income analysis

See below for a screenshot of the dashboard.

I use this program to calculate amortization schedules, loan balances, refinancing options, etc. etc. It really is an invaluable tool for someone investing in real estate, or someone with other debts they would like to reduce. The calculators are extremely fast, and intuitive. You can also save your data for further recall. For example, I save my amortization schedules so I can reference them later to see how much principal and interest I have paid in various time periods.

I have not used the built-in rental property analysis tool to a great extent. However, it seems to calculate all aspects of the net income of a property throughout its expected lifetime. This includes, rents, vacancy rates, captial gains, and selling costs. Taxes are also estimated based on your present income tax bracket, and all data can be saved for future analysis.

Currently I’m running a trial version of the software, but I plan to register in the next few days. Try it out!

Screenshot:SolveIT Screenshot


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