Pinnacle LLC Ponzi Scheme

Looks like wordpress lost the original post… fun.  I’m also having problems assigning categories.  They just won’t stick and I can’t manage them.

It looks like Pinnacle LLC was a scam offering 25% return on your investment in 60-days.  They are being accused of operating a Ponzi Scheme.  The original post from Bigger Pockets interested me because like Pinnacle, I would like to start an investment company to seek money and provide reasonable returns to my investors in the range of 7-20% depending how successful the investments are.  My thinking is that by offering a very good ROI, I will have no trouble finding enough investors to forray heavily into real estate holdings.

There are companies such as Medallion Corporation that offer 15% returns on your money.  They take your capital, and invest in property developments in Calgary, AB (undoubtedly one of Canada’s top real estate markets).  I would be interested to hear about other companies that make such offers, as I know many exist.



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