Links of Note and Notes on Barriers

A $3000 pen?  Interesting anecdote about investing that Ramit would approve of.

6-months of Getting Rich Slowly…  JD is looking for input on his blog, read the comments, he’s developed quite a community in the past 6 months!  Kudos!

Holy charts batman!


Read this and this.

Ww, barriers can rule and ruin your life.  Almost every time I talk to someone about their goals and dreams, they mention some sort of barrier in the way of achieving them. 

  • can’t take that course because I have no money.  Well, if you are sure the course would lead to a better way of life and a steady income….  you can’t afford not to take the course.  Get a LOAN! 
  • I can’t start a business because I have no money.  (see above)
  • I can’t invest in real estate because I don’t want to deal with tennants, and expenses, and taxes, and BLAH BLAH BLAH!
  • I don’t want to make more money because I’ll have to pay more taxes.  I say – You’re stupid!  You will still pocket more money!

I don’t recall where I learned this, Kyosaki I suppose.  One of his cardinal suggestions is to stop saying “I can’t” or “but” or “it won’t work” or “it’s impossible”.  Once you put up a barrier like this, your brain immediately stops thinking.  It gives up.  You rott away in a boring job, never take a risk, and you will regret it.   If you instead say:  “This looks difficult, I wonder how I can make this work” or “maybe”, you are on your way to solving the problem instead of just complaining about the potential problems.

So.  STOP SAYING I CAN’T and start doing something!

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2 thoughts on “Links of Note and Notes on Barriers

  1. Great points. Maybe we should make a list of barriers we’ve heard our friends saying. I bet we’d recognize things that we’ve said ourselves!

    Nice link to the pen article, too.

  2. Hi Ramit,

    Thanks very much for reading. I’m glad you enjoyed my additions to your original post.

    That’s a good point, we probably have said many of the same things before at different times. Some times I think these types of things are said in the sub-conscious, and we hardly even notice.


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