Blog Review: EscapeFromCubicleNation

I have been a regular reader of Pam Slim’s EscapeFromCubicleNation since it was featured on

Her most recent post/podcast reviews two books that discuss negative self-talk.  Since Pam’s website focuses on helping entrepreneurs to succeed and make the jump from the shackles of the cubicle to the freedom of self-employment, her focus in this article is how negative self-talk affects a new entrepreneur.

As always, her advice is highly useful, and written in an accessible way that anyone can read and quickly apply in their own life.

She offers up this questionairre from Finding Your Own North Star:  Claiming the life you were meant to live by Martha Beck, to help people determine whether they are in-touch with their true personality.

  1. My life feels like a great adventure
  2. I feel sure I can solve any problems I encounter
  3. I have fun
  4. I laugh out loud
  5. I feel overwhelmed by gratitude
  6. I spend time in comfortable solitude
  7. I am fascinated by things I am learning
  8. I feel deeply understood
  9. Things just seem to work out for me
  10. I get so involved in projects I forget to stop
  11. I use my imagination
  12. I do things I loved when I was a kid
  13. People seem to enjoy being around me
  14. I play
  15. I feel perfectly safe
  16. I get excited when it is time to go to work
  17. I feel mentally sharp and alert
  18. I have really cool ideas
  19. I love my body
  20. I’m flooded with love for other people
  21. I do new things, or old things in new ways
  22. I do what I want to, even if it is scary
  23. I’m completely relaxed with other people
  24. I feel intense physical pleasure
  25. I am very pleased with myself in general

I find that these questions really do make you analyze your current situation in life, and think about whether you are truly satisfied.

Are you?

Personally, I could use a little bit of a makeover in some of these categories.  But, is that just my personality?  Maybe I shouldn’t worry too much about it? 🙂


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