Follow-up “The Market”

Earlier I posted about my rental market as justification for investing in real estate in my town because returns are high due to the percentage of university students in the area.  Now, 2Million has found a wonderful article on Yahoo! that seems to support the theory.

The article interviews one Michael Zaransky who is co-CEO of a REI company in Northbrook, Ill.  His company specializes in university dorm housing.  The university leases them land on which to build.  Zaransky then charges a fee to gather financing, oversee construction, and then manages the properties.  The company is invested in 15 dormatories on 5 campuses, and one of his competitors in Texas “manages 53 on- and off-campus properties with 32,000 beds.”  Yowza!

My favourite quote from the article:

“About 80 million echo boomers born between 1982 and 1995 will turn 18 over the next 10 years. These children of the best educated and most affluent generation in America’s history will be attending universities whose obsolete dormitories, on average, have beds for only 30% of today’s enrollment.”

This bodes well for my ideas, current ventures, and future plans!  I think I might have to pick up Zaranski’s book.

PS:  Sweet!  Categories are fixed!


4 thoughts on “Follow-up “The Market”

  1. That is a very interesting market that I have not considered. I myself am a real estate professional and am always looking for that new niche. I am curious what the name of the book is… For your consideration, I have seen a lot of clients recently looking for hard money… this is something you may want to research. Definitely an interesting market, and can be quite profitable. I encourage you to take a look at my blog when you have the opportunity. I have chosen to focus it entirely on real estate so I think it might be right up your alley.

  2. Thanks for your comment Peter, it looks like your website will have some interesting features such as the ability to list properties and share information on real estate deals. I wish your site good luck.

    Do you have any dealings in Canada at all?

    I’m finding a lot of good information lately that is USA only (such as,, etc.). It is a little disappointing.


  3. To be honest, Canada is not my focus, but I am trying to establish a community (which seems to be your goal as well) that allows people from all walks of life, and from various geographical locations whether in the states or abroad, to share secrets about market conditions, so everyone can create a better financial situation for themselves. I too an new to blogging, and am sure once my client’s (I deal with a significant number of investors) have an opportunity to become involved, their knowledge and past experiences will be helpful to anyone interested in real estate.

    With that said, I do have an associate that just purchased a property in Canada. He is very research oriented like myself, I will get in touch with him and see where he conducted his research before investing, then post those sites and references on my blog… it will probably to me a couple of days, so look for it on Monday or Tuesday.

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