Net Worth – October 2006

Well, my NW has not increased substantially this-month. Part of the problem is my poor bookkeeping. I had used quick estimates in my Sept. NW calculation, and I also calculated it mid-month, so it didn’t accurately reflect the monthly situation. From now on, I’ll calculate my NW at the end of each month to keep things consistent.

Anyway, here’s the graph from NetWorthIQ showing my $3500 increase.

We had a few extraneous transactions last month. One, my wife went to Vancouver for a conference (flight $800, hotel $460), these expenses will be reimbursed, but for now it shows red on our NW. We also took a trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake to visit some wineries and spent about $400 stocking up our wine rack. The wine will probably last 4-6 months, and has already served as gifts for a couple of people.

If all goes well, next-month we’ll see a good increase in NW due to these reimbursments. Also, we had some rental expenses which will hopefully be reduced next month…. there’s a possibility we may need a new roof though….ouch.


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