Working with People…

I struggle to understand people.  I don’t know why exactly, but it can be difficult.  Thus, I am weary to enter into partnerships with other people because I second-guess myself, and I don’t trust my ability to judge a person’s true character.  I think this is because I’ve misjudged some people in the past.  This is why I found Pamela Slim’s post on Escape from Cubicle Nation so intruiging today.

The post is entitled “The delicate are of business partnering.”  In it, Pam has a lot of interesting points about the personality traits to beware of when considering a business partnership as well as some of the various legal structures that can be employed, and their related pitfalls.

Her list of items to consider when choosing a partner is:
1.  Legal structure
2.  Money matters
3.  Market reputation matters
4.  Communication style
5.  Shared values

If you and your partner’s views align, more or less, in these 5 categories, your chances of success will be elevated.

Personally, I am struggling with this right now as I have two potential partners for REI.  My wife, and a close friend.  However, there is so much to determine before entering a partnership, that I will certainly take this advice to-heart, and make careful considerations before making a final decision that could affect my business and success for years to come.

Escape from Cubicle Nation was featured here before.  I recommend it for anyone looking for advice on entrepreneurship.


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