Casey Serin… strange dude.

There was more activity on Serin’s blog again today. This-time he spent 18-hours coming up with an explanation of everything that happened on his Phoenix trip.

It is becoming more and more clear that Casey has some mental difficulties. He is terrible at making decisions, is extremely impulsive, has little regard for the well-being of others, and has no idea how to predict the consequences of his actions.

Here’s my comment from No Limits Ladies‘ account of the story.

guess would be that NLL offered to take on Casey’s properties, sell
them for a profit, make sure Casey broke even on the deal, and also
take a significant chunk of any media (print, film, documentary and
what-not) royalties to-boot.

Not a bad deal for NLL… and if Casey was smarter, he would realize
that it is a good deal for him too. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize
at this time that he is incapable of selling his properties himself and
bailing himself out of debt. So… the floundering will continue.

I mean really, who spends 18-hours on a post admitting that you’re
stupid, you aren’t a man of your word, and that you can’t make a

My thesis adviser, a wise man by my standards, once said “there’s
nothing worse than a man who can’t take a decision.” (no, he was not
referring to me, thankfully 🙂

If I were NLL, I would consider holding Casey to his word. He signed
the agreement, now he should have to live with the consequences of his
actions (FOR ONCE!!!).

Casey entered a contract with these ladies, and has now backed out of it (kind of like a child might do once they realize that the deal will entail some kind of sacrifice in order for them to ultimately get what they want). Why would he back out? Greed… greed is the only reason I can figure why Casey would back out.

NLL were trying to help bail him out of hot water. In return for their hard work (selling his properties where he had failed over the last several months), they likely would have taken some or all of any profit, as well as rights to some of his book royalties.

Now… it seems here that everyone is getting something of the deal. I believe, and have stated in my comment, that Casey at this point in time does not realize that he is incapable of digging himself out of trouble. He has consistently shown his lack of tenacity and drive by choosing to spend hours and hours writing blog entries when every minute of every day his debt, and missed payments stacks up.

Casey… its time to play Let’s Make a Deal!

And remember:
1) Deals are always negotiable, think of every possible way you could restructure the contract and propose them all to NLL.
2) You’ve already accepted the deal anyway.


3 thoughts on “Casey Serin… strange dude.

  1. After tiring myself out trying to figure out what the heck this dude Casey Serin is actually up to, I finally found a place that catalogs his activities, history, associations, and purpose.

    The site bills itself as “the leading semi-satirical wiki about foreclosure blogs”, and I’d say that’s accurate, given the predictably rather vertical market for “semi-satirical wikis on the topic of foreclosure blogs.” Still, it’s a good read.


    Casey Serin

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