November Net Worth Update

Well, November came, went, and how I’m updating my net worth. Why? Because.

It was not an overly interesting month per se. Loans were paid down including $2500 of a $10000 personal loan. It always fees nice to retire debt! I also began investing in my corporate ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Plan) where my employer matches 50% of up to 6% of my base salary. Since I’m married, but without children, it will not be a problem for me to invest 6% of my income each month. I’m happy, the matching funds work out to almost 2 weeks pay over a year.

Those are the only highlights with the exception of some accounts receivable due to my wife and myself for work-related trips we took in October/November.

Overall, it was a good month with my net worth increasing 4.6%, or $7076 from $153k to $160k.  It would be interesting to work current housing prices into the fold, however, that data isn’t as easily available in Canada as the US.

Check out my NetWorthIQ page for more detailed analyses, or scroll down and look for the graph at the bottom of the sidebar.

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