50cm (20″) of snow… and counting!

Over the last 24-hours, South-Western Ontario, and specifically London was drenched in 50cm of snow and there is still a snowsqual warning. Looks like we could get another 10cm throughout the day today.

From Christmas, sn…

Here are a couple of photos of my neighbourhood just for interests sake. My house is burried, the snowblower could barely get through it… but… my dog was having a blast!

From Christmas, sn…
From Christmas, sn…

The best part is that my car isn't capable of getting off my street, so I'm stuck. Gotta love a good old snow-day!


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One thought on “50cm (20″) of snow… and counting!

  1. Seeing these photos makes me excited to be returning to Michigan in a few weeks.

    I’ll be tuning into your blog, to see the progress you make regarding REITs. Definitely the best of luck there.


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