The Road Ahead: 2007 Installment

 I have some time off coming to me next-week, so I thought it would be interesting to write a bit about my goals for the coming year.

Now that my Masters degree is out of the way (since August), I’m finding I have a lot more time on my hands than when I had a full-time job and a thesis to write. So-far I’ve been using it to write this blog and read other blogs for interesting ideas on investing, personal finance, and real estate. However, next-year, I’d like to accelerate my hobby/side-business. The purpose of these posts is to help me get a sense of what is possible in the next 12-months.

I hope you’ll joing me for this 6-part series, which I think will have some interesting thoughts on investing, real estate, blogging and personal finance. Here’s an outline of what to expect:

1. Net Worth (Dec. 26, 2006):
The first post in my first blog series will deal with my net worth results from 2006, and detail my net worth goal for the end of 2007, as well as how I think I can get there.
– 2006 results
– Goal for 2007

2. Investment (Dec. 27, 2006):
– First I’ll summarize the property investments I have made thus-far
– Next, I’ll talk about capital improvements made in 2006
– Finally, what is planned for 2007 (improvements and investments)

3. Organization (Dec. 28, 2006):
– Financial steps to keep track of my income and expenses
– Tracking tenants
– Leases, using Web2.0 to get organized, etc.

4. Marketing (Dec. 29, 2006):
– New outlets and the general plan for 2007

5. Blogging (Dec. 30, 2006):
– Where is this blog going?
– What are my goals?

6. The Famous Corporation (Dec. 31, 2006):
– What’s the general idea?
– What is required?
– Structure, and outline of the potential steps in 2007.

Part of the writing project over at BiggerPockets.

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