The Road Ahead: Blogging

Blogging Joke Blogging, where is this blog going?

1) I’m not sure about the name… anyone have any thoughts on it?

2) I need to move to a hosted blog because it seems like a bit of waste to keep it hosted at since I can’t have any advertisements. Yes, ads suck, but it would be nice if the site paid for its own hosting and domain registration. Item (1) is a major reason why I haven’t done anything on this front yet.

3) More graphics. I’ve tried to add graphics to this recent series, and I will continue to do so in the future. It is a tip I gathered from EscapeFromCubicleNation. I think it makes the posts more inviting to read.

4) More of the same, I will continue to be focused on real estate investing, but I will also likely want to branch out into other forms of investing for the odd post. I tend to spend most of my online reading time split 60/40 between REI and the stock market.

5) More interaction with other bloggers which will hopefully increase the number of comments. I’d like to build a good community similar to the one over at GetRichSlowly or CanadianCapitalist.

This doesn’t sound like much of a plan, I know, but blogging isn’t my major focus… the investing aspect is. Are there any comments on the current site theme?



Part of the writing project over at BiggerPockets.


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