New URL, New Domain

Check out Bring the Cash Flow’s new home:

I’m hoping to devote more and more time to blogging over the next few months, and this new home will help give me a bit more freedom in how I run the blog itself.

Also check out my photoblog:

I’m starting off with a few of my favourite photos taken over the last few years and will be moving towards the present. I just bought a new d-SLR camera, so I’m hoping to start generating more photos worthy of posting.

Update, Web 2.0 meets Business Networking

Coulds and sunset

Like a breath of fresh air.  Well, it has been an interesting year for me.  The end of a major relationship caused a major upset in my life.  I'm just starting to get back into the swing of life again and now that fall has come around, am finding more time on my hands.  Thus, I'm starting to get back into writing and reading blogs.  Hopefully I'll have some useful stuff to post in the coming months, so stay tuned.

For now, I am buying a new primary residence and take possession November 2nd.  It is a small house in a good neighbourhood with lots of potential.  I've got a lot planned for the place and hopefully will find the time to share the results online.

Next, I'm hoping to get together with some new investors to see if I can get myself into a commercial deal (residential multi-plex, apartment, or retail).  Will keep you posted on that as I go.


In order to build a network of investors, I'm trying to get people I know to start using a new service called LinkedIn.  LinkedIn has a very similar taste to Facebook, but with a twist.  LinkedIn is much more adept at managing contacts for business purposes than Facebook ever will be.  Some of the key features:

  • Find colleagues from past careers and educational institutions
  • Recommend your favourite service providers (e.g. lawyer, real estate agent, masseuse)
  • Apply to jobs posted by other LinkedIn users
  • Surf through your friends' "connections" (the term used to describe the people in your network)
  • Build your own reputation through recommendations and answering user questions
  • Network!

So, what are you waiting for?  Start building a network of professionals, friends, friends friends, friends friends friends!!!  And, if you're local to London, Ontario and are interested in joining forces, dropme a line.