Featured on a few blogs

Little old Bring the Cash Flow is growing. I’m happy. My little pet project has now seen over 5,000 page views from an unknown number of unique visitors (Blog Top Sites estiates almost 2,000 unique visitors).

This-week the site was featured on JD‘s roundup of Finance Blogs from Around the World.

Last week I was featured on Canadian Capitalist‘s roundup of Canadian Blogs.

Thanks to both of the authors for their endorsement and the associated increase in traffic and feed readership. I hope the new visitors are enjoying some of my previously published content. I will have some more interesting posts ready to go in the near future. Right now I’m just getting adjusted to a new home, so life is hectic.

For new readers, please check out the FeedBurner feed linked on the sidebar.

Tag, I’m it.

My good buddy Kenric over at Live Learn Invest tagged me the other day.  He provides a great description of what this tagging phenomenon is really all about, and likens it to a viral infection.

That being said, the idea is that each blogger must state 5 things the community might not know about them, and then pass the contagion along.

1.  I’m a cynic…  sometimes other people misunderstand cynics, but I find cynicism is a source of humour in my life.  It is really my way of poking fun at life.

2.  I have a 2-year-old Golden Retriever named Jackson.  He’s named after a winery in the Niagara Pinninsula…  I stand by the fact that he is the best dog in the world.

3.  I drive a 2003 maroon Saab 9-3 (Merlot Red… to be exact).  I love the car and hope it lasts at least 5-years without needing too much work.

4.  I bought my first house just before 2nd year of university, we rented out two bedrooms in the house, and both my wife and I graduated debt-free.

5.  I am obsessed with egg nogg.  I have a compulsion to buy it when I see it at the store, which is very frustrating for my wife who is a dietician!

Now, who to tag?  Hmm…  Canadian CapitalistMillion Dollar Journey, Getting Finances Done.

PS:  I’m taking a small break from blogging as I have some more important matters to sort out.