Nick Gifford’s Bio

My name is Nick Gifford.

I’m an engineer.

I want to take charge of my investments to ensure future security.

I’m looking to build wealth through real estate and currently own 3 homes in London, Ontario, Canada, a suburban, university town of about 400,000 people.

7 thoughts on “Nick Gifford’s Bio

  1. Hi there

    Im just about to buy a rental house near McMaster. I’m 24, graduated as an engineer from Mac in Eng Phys, and have the same objectives.

    What made you decide to start the blog?

    Has the experience increased your knowledge base?

    What sort of engineering do you do?


  2. Hi Damian,

    First, thanks for your interest in the blog.

    I’m a Mechanical Engineer with a MESc in the Fluid Dynamics side of things.

    The experience of owning rental properties has definitely increased my knowledge base. Some areas where you can learn a lot are:
    a) tenant law (the Tenant Protection Act)
    b) banking, mortgages, finances and taxes
    c) real estate law
    d) basic home repairs and renovations
    e) and you can always work at developing your people and marketing skills

    So, the experience can be very valuable, however, so-far I’ve been lucky, which skews my views towards the positive side. Someone like Casey might have a different outlook.

    I started the blog because I wanted a place to share the things I’ve learned along the way and the things I’m still learning. I also plan to start up a holding company to pool investor money for property investments, and I plan to chronicle that process on the blog (although it is further away than I would like). Lastly, I am also hoping to flip a house in the near future, and would like to share as much as possible about the process here.

    Thanks again,


  3. Just looking at different real estate sites. I am not much of computer guy, but very interested in meeting up with people that do what I do.

    I have been investing full time in Real Estate for the last ten years and have done fairly well. I have had a capital partner for the whole time, but we are going are seperate ways. I have done mainly residential single family properties and have over the last three years built 3-5 subdivisions.

    Just thought I would reply.


  4. Hey, I’m also 26, also an engineer and also tired of working for someone else.. I too am looking to get out of this rat race through a series of real estate investments.. I’ve bought 1 already (in London as well) and hope to purchase more soon..

    Where we differ though is that I refuse to do any work when it comes to real estate investing.. The only way I’ll invest in real estate is if it’s totally hands-free.. I should be able to live on the other side of the planet, like I am now, without ever thinking about the investment!

    If you’ve got any investments that need partners, let me know!

  5. Hi Nick,

    Seems like we are going down similar paths, although I have a few years on you. I tried wordpress for a while and switched to blogger to see if I could generate ad revenue.

    I’ve also gotten very focused on real estate this year. You can see my goals at my website and read my real estate adventures. I tried rentals before and am more focused on flipping for the moment. I’ll bookmark your blog.

    Good luck


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