Rental Listings

As you should know, I rent to students, and therefore there is a higher turnover rate than normal.

If you’d like to view my property listings for student rentals in London, Ontario, Canada, please visit my iiProperty site @ .

Happy renting.

3 thoughts on “Rental Listings

  1. Good info…. I look forward to hearing more of it!
    I share your rental experience challenges, financing, renting managing properties here in London can be tough, especially with the way our Housing Tribunal is set up in Ontario.
    I don’t know about you, but I find the London market to be fascinating and quite undiscovered – You can STILL find breakeven properties with NOTHING DOWN that carry themselves here! Try telling someone out West that….I don’t know how long that will last here though, hopefully a while since I’ve got a vested interest, others trying to save to buy their first rental properties our principle residence may be hoping for a significant pullback….so thats why I started a blog, so I can track change in the market as it occurs. Check it out, as a investment property holder here you may find the info useful and if I’m lucky you’ll maybe add some of your comments and some of your great insights there

  2. Hi dwb,

    Thanks for the kind remarks. I’ll be sure to add your website to my RSS reader! I look forward to seeing your analysis of the London real estate market.

    Good luck!


  3. Thanks! I added you as a link on mine… I took some more time to check out your site, some great info here – really informative. I wish you the best in working towards achieving your goals.


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